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In New Zealand, we live under some of the harshest UV radiation on the planet. Yet we pay GST on the one thing that protects us from skin cancer. In Australia, they don't. GST on sunscreen is New Zealand's most cancerous tax. Help us put an end to it...

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“Hundreds of Kiwi lose a loved one to skin cancer each and every year. We don’t think a cancerous tax on sunscreen product is right and won’t play a part in it – pledging to remove a 15% “cancerfree tax” on our sunscreen products”

Katey Mandy
RAAIE Founder and CEO

"Removing the GST on sunscreen would lower the cost making it more affordable for New Zealanders to use this highly effective sun protection method”

Dr Bronwen McNoe
Researcher in skin cancer prevention at the University of Otago


Melanoma poses a significant threat to New Zealanders, with over 350 preventable deaths each year


Sunscreen products have been scientifically proven to prevent Melanoma, yet they have a GST levy.


By 2025, skin cancer will cost the New Zealand health system around $300 million a year – yet the estimated revenue generated in GST from sunscreen sales is only $4.2 million


Raaie has pledged to “remove” GST from their sunscreen products by taking 15% off the retail price until the government removes GST from SPF across the industry. Terms and conditions: Limited time offer.


What is the plan?

As a brand that was developed to protect our skin from the sun, Raaie are spearheading a campaign to provoke the government to remove GST from all SPF products in New Zealand.

We are aiming to get 50,000 signatures, and take this petition to the government.


What More Can I Do?

Share the petition page with friends, family and across your social media. Contact your local government and ask them to support the campaign. Contact other SPF brands and ask them to support the campaign.